Consulting Services

Pro Stride offers a host of consulting services to both organizations and players.

For organizations, Pro Stride can run short "mini-clinics" to give players a solid foundation in skating techniques. We encourage all the coaches to be on the ice during these sessions to learn. It is also beneficial for coaches to participate so that they can then reinforce what was worked on throughout the season.

Pro Stride can also offer season long training plans for teams/organizations that correspond to our skating skill videos. Even if players/coaches have not been on the ice with us before they can watch the skating skill videos to see how each drill should be performed and then complete the training plans throughout the season. We can tailor the training plans to be as quick as 15 minutes once a week or up to as long as 1 hour once a week for the course of the season. These season long training plans will have a progression designed to enhance players skating abilities over the specified time period.

For individual players, Pro Stride offers private and small group training (only available in limited areas of NJ and Eastern MA).

Please contact us at if you are interested and want more information about pricing and availability.


Coach Erik working with coaches from an organization so that they can better provide skating instruction to their players.